Intellizoom is a subsidiary of a larger company called Userzoom. They help software designers and webmasters test the quality of their product interfaces, with the end-goal of improving and refining the user experience.

A big part of their work involves recruiting and paying people to perform hands-on tests of websites, smartphone apps, and computer programs.

During the tests they gather data which the client company’s can use to make tweaks to their products.

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I personally have been using intellizoom/userzoom for a couple years now and I have not been disappointed at all. They payout $8.00 per test and test can range from 15 min to 20 min. However most test I’ve taken have been quite less time.

So the biggest difference between Intellizoom and UserTesting is they like to video record as well as audio record at times. Also unlike usertesting in your profile you can not track how many test you have completed. I have created my own spreadsheet however, to keep track of my earnings and I know for a fact I have been paid on every test I have completed. 

So as your neigborhood friend says CHA-CHING!!!! What are you still waiting for sign up and become a tester TODAY!