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The ability to make money is at your finger tips. The question to ask yourself is how much money do you want to make. Now look, I know most think, “This all sounds great however, it’s not how much I want to make, but I just don’t have the time to make it”. Well to be brutally honest this site may not be for you. Not everyone understands or looks at it from my view but if time is your reason no wonder you are scraping for change and asking others to spot you until your next payday. Hey, sounds harsh but you keep reading. Matter of fact the time you have spent to read this you could have made some cha-ching! 

Every moment of your day like the rest of the world is filled with distractions, work, family, and situations. How much time you choose to focus on the everyday is up too you. If you are still reading I assume you like money too. So keep reading. This week I am going to show you how to make money from your laptop or destop. Yes, not just your mobile on the go but when your sitting on the couch catching up on your latest episidos of Housewives of Atlanta, or How to get away with murder maybe you will open your laptop or turn on your desktop and make some cash while relaxing with the family. Not sure about you but don’t tell my wife and kids. I love them more when deposits to my paypal are coming in. ;-} 

Lets jump right in with one of my fav’s…

usertesting online money make money online fast cash

Here is one of the top producing sites for me to earn extra cash! UserTesting is a site that allows companies to receive feedback from consumers on their websites, products, & apps.

I’ve done testing anywhere from 5 min to 60 min and depending on the test they pay for all testing you complete $10.00, $30.00 & even $60.00. 

What is great about this site is as you qualify and do more testing you receive ranking out of 5 stars from the business. As your rep grows your oppurtunities grow! 


Facts is on average when I am like most letting life control me and not focused on taking test to my fullest ability. I average minimum $50.00 per week! Simply for testing sites or apps that we all have used from time to time or use on a daily. Such as Office depot, Spectrum and Expedia.

So pull out your laptop next time your sitting on your couch and  watching your faviorte program and SIGN UP with UserTesting Now! Don’t forget to let them know Mobile Dollar Holla sent you their way!