Hey guy, sorry for the delay obviously the world is going through so ups and downs and has affected us all in ways we never could imagine. I pray everyone and their family is safe and well. Now this week I want to speak of some apps that make you money in another way. These apps are my main bread and butter in moments like these and can help you the same if you have been “furloughed” (am I the only one that finds this word as if some boss one day felt bad saying you fired and thought it was a better way to express it lol…weird) as I have. So, lets dive in!

4 Freelance Apps
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Here we have Gigwalk! This is one of the first actual I.C. (Independent Contractor) apps I tried. I found this app to be a good starter app for me and it allowed me to think more outside the box and really see what was out there. So the way Gigwalk works is you download the app and create your account. Now the app goes off your location and shows you gigs in your area, such as an audit at your local grocery store. Or a menu item at a fast food restaurant near you. These gigs range from as little as $8 to $10 and take around 15 to 20 min. Simply accept the gig you want and take pictures meeting their requirements and boom. YOU NOW HAVE EXTRA CASH SIMPLE AND FAST!

freelance indepent work

Now let's talk about UpWork. This is for the little more advanced independent workers. This is a platform utilized by entrepreneurs who are looking to build their brand. Show off your skills in IT, SM, Project management and what not. Set your terms and let the bidding begin. If your proposal is accepted by the company or individual then boom you just landed your own freelancer gig online with upwork. So put your talents out there and get paid to do so!

instacart shopper make money

We've all used them to order our groceries especially during our stay at home order. For the ones that are comfortable with maintaining their safety and serving the other families out there that may be at more risk than us due to health issues or what not. Then become a shopper with instacart. They are in high demand during the epidemic with more owners than they can handle. Wait times for delivery are as high as 5 hours to the next day. What does this mean for the you??? Cha-Ching! If you plan your day accordingly you can average as little as $200 a day by grocery shopping for others. Sign up now and start getting paid again!

door dash dasher delivery

Like the previously mentioned I want to bring your attention to DoorDash. Like instacart the time is now! Everyone is stuck at home and missing the taste of their favorite restaurant. Now more than ever every mom and pop shop from the chain restaurants are online wanting you to know they are open for business. Again, what does this mean for you? CHA-CHING!$$$ Become a dasher with Door Dash and on your own schedule help others fill their cravings by picking up their orders from the restaurant and dropping it at their door. I may have failed to mention but keeping everyone safe there is a leave at my door in place for all deliveries. So stay safe and get out there and make some money!!!$$$